Through-Wall 3D Tracking Using Body Radio Reflections

Contact: witrack-contact@csail.mit.edu

Selected Press:

[December 31, 2013]   WiTrack - Through-Wall 3D Tracking Using Body Radio Reflection   Hacker News
[December 30, 2013]   New System Allows for High-Accuracy, Through-Wall, 3-D Motion Tracking   MIT Technology Review
[December 24, 2013]   MIT engineers have invented a JARVIS-style home automation system   Digital Trends
[December 23, 2013]   MIT Engineers Invent a Cameraless Tracking System that Sees Through Walls   Fast Company
[December 17, 2013]   MIT Research's WiTrack has its eye on you (and just you)   SD Times
[December 17, 2013]   MIT's WiTrack lets you see through walls; Brings 3D motion tracking for video games   Crazy Engineers
[December 16, 2013]   New System Allows for High-Accuracy, Through-Wall, 3D Motion Tracking   Communications of the ACM
[December 16, 2013]   MIT's WiTrack Tracks 3D Motion for Gaming through Walls   Campus Technology
[December 14, 2013]   Motion tracking technology that can see through walls WITHOUT a camera   Daily Mail
[December 14, 2013]   Through-wall, motion-tracking tech allows for free-roaming gaming inside your home   Wired
[December 14, 2013]   High-accuracy 3D motion-tracking through walls   KurzweilAI
[December 12, 2013]   Through-wall tracking of humans using Wi-Fi: Now more accurate, low power   The Register
[December 12, 2013]   WiTrack system allows for motion tracking through walls   Gizmag
[December 12, 2013]   Video: New 3D motion-tracking system sees you through walls   BGR   (at Yahoo! News)
[December 11, 2013]   Next-Gen Video Games Will See Through Walls   Slate
[December 11, 2013]   MIT's 3D motion-tracking tech can see you through walls, no camera needed   Engadget
[December 11, 2013]   Researchers create a more accurate alternative to Wi-Fi for tracking people through walls   GigaOm   (at CNN Money)
[December 11, 2013]   The console camera of the future could track your movements through walls   New Statesman
[December 11, 2013]   New system allows for high-accuracy, through-wall, 3-D motion tracking   MIT News [Front Page]   (at Scientific Computing) (at Phys.org)
[December 11, 2013]   MIT's 3D Motion Tracking System Gets "X-Ray" Vision   Ubergizmo
[December 11, 2013]   MIT WiTrack: Cheap, through-wall 3D motion tracking for gaming, fall detection, smart homes   ExtremeTech
[December 3, 2013]   X-Ray Vision May Soon Be a Reality   Bloomberg TV
[October 20, 2013]   I see you: MIT team develops Kinect to sense movement through walls   GMA News
[October 19, 2013]   MIT's 'Kinect of the Future' Device Tracks People Through Walls   Mashable
[October 16, 2013]   MIT develops Kinect-like system to track people through walls   Tech Spot
[October 15, 2013]   MIT's "Kinect of the Future" Can Track You Through Walls   Gizmodo
[October 14, 2013]   MIT 'Kinect of the future' can track you through walls to within 10cm   Geek
[October 14, 2013]   MIT comes up with Kinect through walls   Tech Eye
[October 14, 2013]   MIT Develops "Kinect of the Future"   Slashdot
[October 13, 2013]   MIT's New X-Ray Device Can Track Your Movements Through a Wall   BostInno
[October 11, 2013]   MIT's 'Kinect of the future' looks through walls with X-ray like vision   (at Computer World)   (at Tech Hive)   (at IT World)   (at CIO)

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